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7 Locations in Southern California

Complete your real estate licensing courses in only 8 weeks with First Team University Real Estate Licensing School (#S0593). We provide evening and weekend classes across 7 different locations so you can customize your class schedule to work for you.


Licensing School Overview:

  • Step 1: Real Estate Principles Class - 2 nights/week for 8 weeks  *weekends available
  • Step 2: Real Estate Practice Class - Live Tutorial
  • Step 3: Legal Aspects of Real Estate Class - Live Tutorial
  • Step 4: FREE 2-Day Real Estate State Exam Prep

Your Enrollment Package Includes:

  • Courses geared to today's market
  • Live, weekly and/or online classes that fit your schedule
  • Live classroom instruction with successful real estate professionals
  • Access to our 7 locations across Southern California
  • FREE 2-day real estate state exam prep open to state list applicants
  • FREE sales training while you wait for your license

Licensing School Locations & Schedules

About the Course Textbooks


California Real Estate Principles

by Charles O. Stapleton III and Martha R. Williams

SOFTCOVER, 490 PAGES, 8 1/2 X 11″

This textbook is the most comprehensive introduction to the California real estate business. It will serve as an excellent introductory course for the new licensee. A highly readable portrait of the entire field, it covers every area of professional specialization, the intricacies of real property ownership and the fine points of the field.

CONTENTS: The Business of Real Estate – Real Property – Ownership – Transferring Real Estate – Encumbrances – Agency Contracts – Financing Real Estate – Government Sponsored and Other Financing – Escrow and Title Insurance – Taxation – Landlord and Tenant – Appraising – Residential Design and Construction – Land Use – Math – Appendix – Glossary – Index


California Real Estate Practice

California Real Estate Practice

By Lowell Anderson, Daniel S. Otto and William H. Pivar

SOFTCOVER, 476 PAGES, 8 1/2 X 11″

Our latest edition of California Real Estate Practice offers practical how to information for the real estate salesperson and broker. Prospecting methods, sample “comp” presentations and the newest listing contracts and disclosure forms are only some of the features of this textbook.

CONTENTS: Getting Started in Real Estate – Ethics and Fair Housing – Mandatory Disclosures – Prospecting – Listing Presentations – Servicing the Listing – Advertising – The Buyer and the Property Showing – Obtaining the Purchase Offer – From Offer to Closing – Real Estate Financing – Escrow and Title Insurance – Taxation – Property Management and Leasing – Glossary – Index


California Real Estate Law

California Real Estate Law

By William Pivar and Robert J. Bruss

SOFTCOVER, 526 PAGES, 8 1/2 X 11″

California Real Estate Law is an introduction to the vast body of law that governs real estate transactions in California. It will help you recognize situations in which legal counsel should be sought and help you understand rights and obligations under the law.

CONTENTS: Sources Of Law and the Judicial System – Law Of Agency – Duties and Responsibilities Of Licensees – Regulation Of Licensees – Law Of Contracts – Real Estate Contracts – Property, Estates and Recording – Ownership Of Real Property – Acquisitions and Conveyances – Real Property Security Devices – Involuntary Liens and Homesteads – Adjacent Property Rights – Land Use Controls – Escrows and Title Insurance – Landlord/Tenant Law – Glossary – Index of Cases – Subject Index of Cases – General Index

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  First Team® C21 Action Allied Kaplan Real Estate Trainers Nation
Cost $369
Includes Books
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$288 $699 $399 $309
Completion Time 36 Days 12 Weeks   36 Days 36 Days 12 Weeks
LIVE Residential Principles Classes + Legal + Practice   Online  
Online Test Simulator w/3000 Questions You Can Take Under Test Conditions     Practice Question Bank + Terms & Definitions    
Personal Career Counselor          
Start Anytime Static Schedule
Locations 8 (Long Beach/
Orange County/Inland Empire)
1 Online 1 LA/ 1 Costa Mesa 3 Locations (1 OC) 5 Locations (2 OC)
Free Live 2 Day Crash Course With 80% Pass Rate ($299 Value)   Exam Prep Questions Online $99

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