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According to a recent study by the National Association of Realtors, 27% of real estate agents spent between $501 and $2,000 on technology in the past year. In isolation, this may seem like a high amount, but businesses across all sectors should be willing to invest in technology as needed, regardless of their budget.

The Internet has revolutionized the way in which agencies are able to conduct business, opening up various marketing and communication channels, and it is vital to take advantage of this to engage today's clients.

The more opportunities a real estate agency has to reach clients, the greater their chance to enhance sales. To make the most of today's technological advantages, real estate agents must be open to experimentation and

If you’re like me then when you started a career in real estate you didn’t have much money – that’s why you’re making the career change! While it can seem like you need thousands of dollars out the gate to even get started, I found  these 10 cost effective strategies to get my real estate business up and running – and the revenue flowing.

All businesses have some start-up costs however I personally think real estate has relatively low start-up costs compared to most other industries.  This business also allows you to make money quickly.  Once you've learned how to start a real estate career, you can implement these 10 cost effective strategies I used which helped me close 22 transactions in my first year as an agent and start a successful business.

Want to learn how to succeed in real estate as a new agent? Just ask someone's who's done it. That's why I sat down with 3 new First Team Real Estate agents Mindy Jacobs, Danelle Stroble and Marina Leung - to learn how they went from brand new agents to top producers in our company.

Let me introduce you to these amazing ladies:

Danelle Stroble is a wife and was a stay at home mother of three when she got her real estate license in September of 2012. She closed her first transaction in January of the following year and then over 20 more throughout the year. She joined real estate to pay for her eldest daughter’s private school tuition and now she’s making enough to put them all through school.

Marina Leung has run her own private equity investing

If you were to ask who the best real estate brokers to work for are, you would get a different answer from each agent at each brokerage. This is because there are literally hundreds of different brokers and even more reasons each will give you for picking them and why they are the best.

Most brokers are franchises, meaning that each office is independently owned and operated, so their office practices and culture can vary from office to office. If you plan on being a successful real estate agent you need to pick the right broker to help you reach your goals and objectives.

Why is aligning myself with the best real estate broker important?

As a new agent you know just the basics to get started, but there is a lot of on the job training necessary

How to start a real estate career has become a popular topic of discussion lately. With the market recovering and house prices and sales both rising, a career in real estate looks promising. You get to be your own boss, make your own schedule, and it can be extremely rewarding both financially and personally. But how do you get started? First of all you need a real estate salesperson license, and like your driver’s license there is education and testing involved.

Here's the list of steps you need to follow in order to kickstart your career in real estate:

  1. Find out if Real Estate is right for you – Take our quiz and see!
  2. Enroll in Licensing School
  3. Complete Real Estate Classes
  4. Submit Application to State
  5. Attend Crash Course/Prepare for

Looking for tips on how to pass California real estate exam? You’ve come to the right place. Here at First Team we help prospective agents from the moment they consider a career in real estate until they’re settle in the right company as a practicing agent. One of most effective ways we help prospective agents succeed is with our 2 day FREE crash course for the California real estate exam. Our crash course is a totally free, no obligation course to prepare you for the California Real Estate exam. 

Taught by Jonathan Hubbell, former attorney and experienced real estate educator, you learn the latest tips and test taking strategies. Here are the best of Jonathan’s real estate exam prep free for you so that you can survive your real estate exam and pass