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Have you considered selling your own home so you can save money on an expensive agent commission? Then it might be time you considered all of the facts. A new study from Collateral Analytics suggests that homeowners will net roughly the same proceeds whether they sell through a real estate agent or decide to sell on their own and take the FSBO (for-sale-by-owner) route.

Why is that? It’s because agents are more likely to achieve a higher sales prices for properties than comparable FSBO listings — enough to offset their commission fee. The study looked at more than 200,000 FSBO sales and one million MLS sales in 2016 and 2017. They defined a FSBO listing as a non-MLS listing.

“Overall it is clear that FSBOs have a low probability of selling, and

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  • While last week’s decline in interest rates down to 3.90% could have been attributed to the rising tensions in Korea, the real story is probably the continued lack of inflationary pressures. 

    Economic data continues to point to a consumer-level inflation rate under the Fed’s target of 2.0%. While this certainly does give the Fed plenty of room to maneuver, it does highlight that the economy just can’t seem to get out of low gear. 
  • The market seems to remain pessimistic about the probability of any efforts out of DC that could boost the economy. 
  • If infrastructure or tax reform efforts begin to move in

According to the latest from, high job growth is making LA a magnet for Millennials. Not only is Los Angeles a hub for creatives and aspiring actors, the area is most recently a hub for the tech industry. Dubbed Silicon Beach, the Westside region of LA is home to over 500 tech startup companies, including Snapchat, virtual reality leader Oculus and more.

If you take a look at our Los Angeles County Real Estate Market Update, you will see that the median sale price for the county was $650,000 in July 2017. While the percentage of income needed to purchase a home is 64%, the low unemployment rate (4.7%) is what brings in the Millennials. Check the full market report for details on where inventory is growing, prices are dropping, and more

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  • Mortgage rates seem to have shifted into neutral, as the economy continues to plod along in the same vein as it has for many years. 
  • Last week, the monthly employment report revealed another plus-200K story of new jobs created. 
  • Balancing that was decreases in both the ISM indices. While both remain on the “expansive” side of the equation, neither services nor manufacturing are able to significantly accelerate. 
  • With domestic activity appearing constrained, we may get an economic boost from overseas. If some of our trading partners’ economies continue to grow, our exports should pick up. This would result

It's time to catch up with the latest LA real estate market trends with our Los Angeles County report. Our July report includes trends on over 100 cities in LA plus an overview of the entire county. It really is everything you need to know about the local market.

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Need to become a real estate expert quick? Then check out our Inland Empire Real Estate Market Report. This bad boy has everything you need to know, whether you're buying or selling, from average sale prices to inventory and demand.

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  • Similar to the last few years, Q2 GDP rebounded, but rates were unfazed. Coming off a revised 1.2%, GDP stepped up to 2.6%. 
  • While the increase is welcomed, it still leaves us at only 1.8% for the first half of the year. 
  • The Federal Reserve left its Fed Funds Rate unchanged, and analysts are now placing odds of a rate increase in September at about 50%. This, along with inflation slowing, may give the Fed an opportunity to begin to reduce its massive balance sheet, at its next meeting. 
  • Housing indicators continue to show more of the same: tight inventories and rising prices. The first of the month data


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  • Mortgage rates managed to find some room to slip back downward last week. 
  • With a light domestic economic calendar, markets looked overseas. 
  • Only a few weeks ago, the European Central Bank was making pronouncements about the potential of beginning to tighten its policy. With such limited inflationary pressures, the ECB changed its mind. 
  • Even with economic growth for years, inflation remains muted. This continues to give central banks plenty of time to ponder their next, major move.
  • The Fed meets next week amid a busy week of economic data. We’ll get our first look at the 2nd quarter’s GDP, and it’s

The real estate market is currently experiencing a classic seller's market, meaning there is more demand than inventory. According to Trendgraphix, there is only 1.8 months of inventory across Southern California (LA, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties). With little inventory and mortgage rates at historic lows, sellers are sitting pretty, right? Well that's half of the story. 

According to a survey from Redfin, it might be a seller's market, but selling is hardly the finish line for these folks. Most home sellers still need to purchase another home after the sale of their current residence. This infographic from the California Association of REALTORS® breaks down the top three challenges for seller's in today's market.